Helping Individuals With Disability


July 19, 2013
by admin

Welcome to DRSCC!

“People with developmental disabilities should not be treated as second-class citizens. Their disabilities do not make them any less human or worthy of respect. They should be afforded the same rights as anyone.” –said Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Clearly, this is a fact that most people should know. Many people with disability is maltreated and bullied by others who do not suffer the same situation as they have. They are also human, and as humans, we should treat them equally. How would you feel if you were on the same situation as they are right now? Being bullied and maltreated by other’s because of your disability?

DRSCC has changed the lives of so many children, ensuring each one has a brighter future. Value them as you value your life.

Join us as we change their lives for the better. Let us help them achieve a brighter future. Be informed and involved in our advocacy!